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Privacy Notice and Customer Authorization to Disclose Loan Information

Congratulations on your decision to purchase a new home! We appreciate you applying to RH Lending, Inc. (“RH”) for a loan to purchase your home. In considering your loan application, we will need to obtain confidential information about you. Much of this information will be nonpublic personal information (“NPI”) because this information is not generally available without your permission. The following are several examples of the type of information we will be gathering that might be considered NPI: your name, address, income, birth date, Social Security number, FICO/Beacon or other similar credit score, account numbers, payment history, loan or deposit balances, credit or debit card purchases, information from court records or from a consumer credit report.

The purpose of this notice is to inform you we intend to share your NPI with various third parties who are not affiliated with RH, including the seller of your home, to facilitate the loan process and better enable you to purchase your home. We will not share your NPI with anyone who does not have something to do with your loan or the purchase of your home. In particular, we will not share your NPI with any other creditor who might be interested in offering additional credit to you, insurance companies or other similar service providers.

Although we only intend to share your NPI with third parties who are involved in the purchase of your home and your related mortgage, you have the right to ask us not to share this NPI with ANY third parties, including the seller of your home. Unless we hear from you as set forth below, we will assume you want us to share your NPI with any third party we deem appropriate to allow us to originate your loan.

However, if you do not want RH to disclose your NPI to nonaffiliated third parties, you may notify us of your decision and RH will NOT share your NPI with nonaffiliated third parties. If you do not want RH to share your NPI with third parties, you must IMMEDIATELY call RH, toll free 1-800-251-2818, and ask to speak to the OPT-OUT Department.

If RH does not receive notice from you within 24 hours of our receipt of your application that you choose to OPT-OUT and do not want RH to share your NPI as described herein, RH will assume you consent to RH sharing your NPI with nonaffiliated third parties.

I/We hereby authorize R.H. LENDING, INC. to verify my past and present employment earnings records, bank accounts, stockholdings, and any other asset balances that are needed to process my mortgage loan application. I/We further authorize R.H. LENDING, INC. to order a consumer credit report and verify other credit information, including past and present mortgages, landlord references, and release or disclose personal health information.

R.H. LENDING, INC. may also utilize the services of CREDIT PLUS to further verify my personal credit information and the information R.H. LENDING, INC. obtains is only to be used in the processing of my application for a mortgage loan. It is understood that a copy of this form will also serve as authorization. This authorization expires 120 days from the date indicated below.

Privacy Act Notice: This information is to be used by the agency collecting it or its assignees in determining whether you qualify as a prospective mortgagor under its program. It will not be disclosed outside the agency except as required and permitted by law. You do not have to provide this information, but if you do not, your application for approval as a prospective mortgagor or borrower may be delayed or rejected. The information requested in this form is authorized by Title 38, USC, Chapter 37 (if VA); by 12 USC, Section 1701 et. seq. (if HUD/FHA); by 42 USC, Section 1452b (if HUD/CPD); and Title 42 USC, 1471 et. seq., or 7 USC, 1921 et. seq. (if USDA/FmHA).

By checking "I agree", I acknowledge receipt of RH Lending, Inc’s Privacy Notice and hereby authorize RH Lending, Inc. to share any of my nonpublic personal information with any third party deemed appropriate by RH Lending, Inc., including the seller of my home, to facilitate the loan process and better enable me to purchase my home.

I agree:

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